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Consumers Prefer Collision-Avoiding Technology: JDPA

It was only a matter of time before consumer awareness of and acceptance of certain types of automotive technology caught on. Actually, safety experts have indicated for years that it would take some time

Kelley Blue Book Picks Its Best Green Cars for 2015

With a nod to Mother Earth and also celebrating Earth Day awareness, it’s only natural that, as consumers, we pay attention to vehicles that are, well, kinder to the environment. Cars and crossovers that

Mazdaspeed3 and next gen CX9 confirmed?

According to Motoring, we will see the return of the Mazadspeed3 (MPS in some markets) at the Franfurt Auto show this fall. Then in November at the...

Top 9 Cheap SUVs That are Safe and Good on Gas

Families need transportation that’s economical, safe and fuel-efficient. They also want and deserve a vehicle that is versatile, roomy, and comfortable, and has the features and optional equipment for connectivity, infotainment, and more. For

2015 Audi A6 Test Drive

 Overview (Overall Grade after 8 Categories: B This review covers two separate models of A6 available in the United States with the first being a week we spent tooling around Los Angeles in the

2017 Lincoln Continental

Production-spec. That didn't take long! Image: Image:...

2015 Zotye Z700 What do you get when you take an Audi A6 and add Passat touches?, The...

2016 Chery Arrizo M7 Strictly speaking not a chery, but yet another subbrnad, Arrizo. The...

2016 Buick Verano Not really...

High-Tech Mecca: Automakers are Moving to Silicon Valley

The days of all that’s new and novel in terms of automotive design, engineering and development coming from Detroit are long past. Not that Detroit isn’t still home to some brilliant innovation — it