2020 Renault ZOE


The new ZOE ;I’d say all new would be too much, as it seems to be a facelift with some new sheet metal and a new interior,but the same body structure), but Renault calls it the second gen nevertheless.

Under the familiar shape there is a bigger 52KWh battery, giving it 389 km or 242 mls of WLTP range;, with quick charging options;

IN addition to the currnet cars 80kW engine there is now a 100kW option, and both get the “B” option for one pedal driving from it#s Nissan Leaf cousin;

The ZOE has been a huge success for Renault, but given how many new options are arriving (especially the PSA groups 208e and electric Corsa), I’m not certain that this rather mild update will be enough.