2021 Fiat Strada

First official image of Fiat#s new small pick up for South America


Techincal info is sparse, so far all we know is it is based of Fiat’s Small MP1 architecture (also underpinning the Fiat Argo and Cronos), which so far is exclusive to South America, but with a longer wheelbase; Which would place this at the larger end of the B-segment, bordering the C-segment;

Unlike the previous Strada (tracing it’s roots back to the 1996 Fiat Palio), the body seems exclusive to it, and not the hatchback with a different rear end. Anyway, for a small pick up, let alone one so far for developing markets only, this looks rather good.

As the previous Strada was occasionally sold in Europe and other non SA markets as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up getting exported as well at some point.