Six Best New Car Buying Tips By Cash

Buying a car means spending a huge booty, people buy car by paying cash or by taking a loan or finance it from somewhere.. While you buy new car with cash, it means you are losing huge money at a single time. No questions if you have kept amount aside for buying car with cash, it’s your choice. What if you can save some money while you pay cash? There are times tested new car buying tips by cash are there which will help you in your car dealer. Dealers are always eying on making profit. If you choose a financing of new car form dealer, dealer is delighted as there is always space of earning profit from the actual sale of the car. If you choose to pay cash at one time, dealers want to sell the car at much higher price. The new car buying tips cash are meant to guide you through this meticulous car buying affair.1. Don’t Reveal in Beginning: Keep your plan for buying car with cash hush-hush. Keep on negotiating and show you are ready for financing scheme. This helps in getting clear picture of original price and discount you can enjoy. This helps in negotiating more easily and you can settle a fair deal.2. Time to Reveal: When a price is fixed you can clearly say that you can even pay cash and have insurance other things ready. Ask for further best deal and show that you want to take the car right at the time.3. Avoid Salesman tricks: Salesman will lure you to buy specific model, showing some features and other things, don’t get trapped with silly features and buy the model which suits you best, this will save you considerable amount of money.4. Do Research: You can visit other dealers and car website portals about the prices. This helps in better bargaining and gives you point of bargaining. You can proceed for transaction with a fair idea of true market value. This can be done by invoice pricing and manufacturer price. This will reveal the amount of profit dealer wants to pocket for him.5. Ask for Benefits: You can ask for benefits like audio fitting, mats, covers, alloy wheels, free servicing etc to be fitted by the dealer, if you think he is not slashing price even a bit.6. Buy During Festive Seasons or Year End: During these periods company as well as dealers offer attractive schemes or heavy discounts,  you can buy car with cash during these periods.