Six Brilliant Tips for Buying Car on EMI

There are people who buy car at full payment at a time and there is a class of people who can’t pay a lump sum amount at a time they can easily go for car loan and pay through EMI (Equated Monthly Installment). To say buying car on EMI is the best way to make your dream come true of owning a car and to shift the burden to the subsequent months and pay-off the loan accordingly. No doubt, buying car on EMI is an easiest way to be a proud owner of a dazzling car, but the dream can turn havoc if you are not enough smart and careful while understanding EMI schemes.Let’s catch some handy tips which are very useful to keep in mind while buying car on EMI.1. Stick to the Budget: Car loan are very easy to get these days and you can decide for models of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you go for a very expensive model. Never forget, you have to pay the price in form of EMIs which will sour your excitement later on. Make clear how much you can keep aside from your income for EMI and other related expenses. Chart your budget accordingly and stay on your budget while choosing a car to buy.2. Think for the Down Payment: While paying car on EMI, buyer has to make initial down payment to the dealer and later on has to make payment to the financing company or a bank, through a finance scheme. Decide how much down payment you can make and how much time you will take to pay-off the loan. Buyers remember, interest is also being added in your EMI.3. Never Ignore Lifestyle: For middle class people it’s an advice to buy car according to lifestyle as they can afford single car. Buyer must keep in mind family size and day to day requirements. Decide the purpose for buying car and find a car which suits your requirement in the best possible way.4. Make comparison of different models and their features: Buyers must carefully watch the models available in their budget and find out which models have latest technology and features embedded. Comparison will help you in finding best price with latest trending cars. You can make study of coat of insurance, warranty offers, maintenance cost and accessories being offered.The research on cars helps you in picking the best car that fits best in your budget.5. Choose a Best Dealer: Buyer can rely on a dealer which has good name in service and must be given priority; the choice of a dealer can be made by its cooperation in buying car of your choice in your budget plan.6. Choose a Reputed Finance Company: Always carefully find which finance company is good in offering finance, in least interest and EMI. Understand the finance pattern and compare it with other banks and finance institutions and finally, go for one which offers the best car buy EMI schemes.To own a car is dream of every one, the decision making in buying a car will be easy and less confusing if  you understand car buying stages. Steps in car buying will make you aware of buying car of your choice and not letting your money wasted.